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My name is Rebecca, I’m an interior designer, travel enthusiast, food aficionado, lover of all things art and travel. I am passionate, impulsive, hyper organized but detest routine and a believer in all things adventurous. I was 6 years old the first time I flew by myself from New York to Zurich to visit my grandparents for the summer.  Adventure travel is a part of me and without it, I get very grumpy. I believe that the more you see, the more you understand that humans are principally all the same.  We are good beings struggling to find and keep happiness. For me happiness comes when I explore new things and meet new people. Two Up Riders was started on our personal facebook page and has now morphed into a travel blog where we share our adventures and our opinions on the places we visit. We were inspired to create the blog because we wanted a better forum to share our experiences as we discover them. Whether in California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Turkey, Norway, or Italy, people found what Scott and I were doing was fun and exciting to hear about. We hope to inspire you to travel, whether a 5 hour road trip to your local national park or joining us for a portion of our ride on our next travel adventure.  


My name is Scott and I’m a geologist at work and at play, with an interest in travel that has grown by leaps and bounds in the 25 years I have known my wife, Rebecca. Growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania, my greatest travels before I met her were to the Jersey Shore for a week in the summer. As a kid, our greatest adventure was a trip in a yellow Chevy Nova from Philadelphia to San Luis Obispo, California in 1976 (actually quite the adventure in that day with no electronic devices to distract the kids, and no air conditioning in the Nova) to visit my aunt and uncle. I was 20 years old before I took my first airplane flight and 21 before I got my passport. Meanwhile, Rebecca was busy traveling to Europe to stay with family since she was 5.

I’ve come a long way in my travel experiences, having been on 4 continents in just the last 6 years. My reasons for starting Two Up Riders are two-fold: to inspire others to travel the world by motorcycle (and use our information to do it) and to play my own small part in dispelling myths and legends about how difficult and dangerous it is to travel outside of your known world. I am constantly amazed at how everyone else is just like us, only the details and experiences are different. Your journey into exciting travel to exotic destinations doesn’t have to take so long. It was my fear of the unknown that I had to overcome for each trip. I now have come to the realization of several important points to traveling:

  • People all over the world are wonderful and helpful to travelers.
  • The media will frighten you to no end. They will bombard you with all the bad that goes on all over the world to the point you will be fearful to travel anywhere. I can tell you the good outnumber the bad by an infinitely large margin.
  • It’s just not that hard to travel outside of your own country. People will help you if you ask. People are interested in your travels. People will still attempt to communicate with you even if you don’t speak their language.
  • Appreciate where you are. Try and learn “please,” “hello,” and “thank you” in their language, it goes a long way and usually starts off the interaction with a smile.


  1. Hello. I’m intrested in bying these stickers from you:

    Mini Flags of Europe Stickers SKU: 0001

    Mini European Country Code Stickers SKU: 0002

    Do you ship to Sweden? And what size are they in centimeters?

    Wishes Rikard

    1. Hi Rikard,
      Yes we do ship to Sweden, we ship all over the world. The country codes are ovals and are 2,4cm wide by 1,7cm tall.The flags are 2,0cm wide by 1,9cm tall.
      We hope that answers your question. Don’t hesitate to email us with any other questions.

  2. Hi, Scott and Rebecca. Do you have a list of the countries on your stickers sheet? My wife and I bought a classic motorhome six months ago and are steadily working our way through all of Europe, but some countries have changed their names or may not even have existed when you had your stickers printed. Thanks in advance.

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