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Lukmanier Pass SCENIC ROUTE

The Alps Lukmanier Pass – Switzerland to Italy

As we left our Swiss family, we headed out of Flims toward Ancona to catch our ferry over the Lukmanier Pass, also known as Ospizio del Lucomagno if you’re Italian. On the boarder everything has both Italian and German names – great if you speak one of the two languages[…]

Route Map of Greece & Turkey

The Marvels of Greece and Turkey

TwoUpRiders headed Southeast through Greece and Turkey. We started our trip from Milan where we last left the motorcycle. We were nervous, because we heard driving is crazy in Greece and even crazier in Turkey, but excited for this next adventure. Is it really an adventure if there isn’t a[…]

Jasper National Park

Best 3 Lakes to Visit in Canada

Lake Louise Lake Louise is as breath taking as all of the millions of photos illustrate. Whether cloaked in the deep, powdery winter snows, or showing off its classically aqua blue water in summer, the lake is mobbed by tourists year round. Once we got over the hordes of tourists,[…]

Boat house in Vancouver BC

Vancouver Canada the Best of Europe and America Combined

Vancouver, BC best of West and farther West, with a touch of East We visited Vancouver, BC at Christmas time in 2005. It was an unplanned detour from our trip to Seattle for the holidays, and we really loved it. We couldn’t wait to go back. We had visited the[…]

Tapas in Victoria BC

Tempting Tapas in Victoria BC

Tasty Tapas Maybe Victoria, BC isn’t the place you’d expect to find great tapas. Then again, our world is getting so small, and migration is essentially unlimited, you can find great food from around the world almost anywhere. We’ve had ethnic food all over the world and for my money,[…]

Tofino Tacos

Tacofino – Best Tacos in Tofino BC

Fish Tacos at Tacofino in Tofino We were told by local BCers to visit Tofino, a beach town and surf spot on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We were told it’s a Canadian version of the beach towns in California. Being from San Diego, we were curious to see[…]


In and Around Vancouver Island BC

Ferry to Vancouver Island The ferry from mainland Canada to Vancouver Island was quick and easy. We’ve had a lot of experience with ferries over in Europe when we travel there, and the trip from Horseshoe Bay (just north of Vancouver, BC) to Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) was super simple and[…]

A Walk in the Forest

A Walk in the Forest – Tofino BC

A Walk in the Forest Driving out towards Tofino, about a mile before the T junction for Tofino or Ucluelet, is a parking area for a hike back in time. The trail called “A Walk in the Forest” takes you back into the rainforest to see how the ecosystem works.[…]

The Painted Turtle at Dutch Lake

The Painted Turtle at Dutch Lake

The Painted Turtle at Dutch Lake Dutch Lake in BC is one of those places that harkens back to a simpler time when kids played by the water, caught frogs, went swimming, and just explored during the summertime. Maybe they spent the day fishing for trout in the lake then[…]

Jasper National Park Lodge

3 Things to do in Jasper National Park

Wildlife Viewing Jasper National Park has all types of wildlife that make traveling the area like a North American safari. Like in Africa, it’s best to get an early start or hang out at sunset to see the most wildlife activity. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to see plenty[…]