The Beautiful Port Town of Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Town

Marmaris, Turkey is a gorgeous, if not smaller and sleepier, port town along the west coast of Turkey. It was such a fantastic way to start our exploration of western Turkey on our Goldwing.

Arriving by ferry, it seemed almost that we were arriving to a port somewhere along the northwest coast of North America, what with all the pine trees that hugged the coastline. We would explore that area later in the day and it is truly a beautiful forest. On arriving at customs, we got through our paperwork (more difficult and time consuming than we had experienced or expected) and took off for town. I don’t know what we expected but it wasn’t this. Marmaris is a clean, well-kept, charming sea side city with lots of restaurants and charming cobble streets to explore.

I have to admit, we were apprehensive about traveling to Turkey with what is going on politically in the world. Our trepidation was quickly squelched upon seeing this gorgeous port. A fantastic start to our visit to Turkey. Our day started by walking the long waterfront promenade – which is teeming with boats from all over the world. We took full advantage of the pedestrian designated promenade to admire all the gorgeous yachts and to look for our next place to grab a bite to eat.

Next we walked through the cobble streets to find the castle entrance. Unfortunately the castle was closed when we arrived – never had that happen before. There was plenty to see and take in just walking through town that we hardly missed exploring the castle. Marmaris, while active with tourism, doesn’t feel like a touristy place.


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