Best 3 Lakes to Visit in Canada

Jasper National Park

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is as breath taking as all of the millions of photos illustrate. Whether cloaked in the deep, powdery winter snows, or showing off its classically aqua blue water in summer, the lake is mobbed by tourists year round. Once we got over the hordes of tourists, the scale of the place really overtook us. The grand Chateau Lake Louise is only completely and totally outmatched by the majesty of the lake surrounded by imposing mountains. The large glacier at the other end of the lake is the cherry on top of this dessert for the eyes. It’s simply spectacular.

The views from the hotel are wonderful. Even better, they can be enjoyed from several great outdoor dining areas that serve amazing food. No drop in quality here, the food would have been the star of the show if not for the majesty before our eyes.

Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine is probably one of the more photographed lake/mountain range combinations in the world. With seven majestic peaks framing the glacial blue water, it is simply a feast for the eyes. Also busy with tourists, it’s a bit hard to get some alone time with your thoughts…the trade off of accessibility and grandeur. But find a nice tucked away spot away from everyone, and you have a slice of heaven all to yourself. There’s a nice lodge and restaurant that serve as both base camp and a great relaxing spot from which to take in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake is well known to Canadians and fans of Jasper National Park, but fortunately it isn’t all that popular and visited by Banff standards. There’s great hiking and exploring at the lake, with tons of wildlife all around. Whether on foot, on the water, or on a motorbike, you can see all kinds of animals. We were fortunate to see moose and bears (including cubs!) during our brief visit. The lodge at the end of the lake has some decent food, but not great. The views and wandering are what we came to this lake for. We left feeling very satisfied.