Best Food & View of the Acropolis – Athens

Thissio Cafe in Athens

Eating Out

While we love travel, our second love is good food. Many people talk about the great food in Europe but we find it difficult to find a good restaurant at a good price point in all of Europe (we are now at 30+ countries visited in Europe). When we go out to eat we look for ambiance, good food and a good value. We fully understand that a pizza joint that charges $10 for a pizza vs a restaurant that serves a $20 pizza are 2 different experiences. In this pizza example we expect to have better ambiance, fresher and greater variety of toppings, and better service for the $20 pizza but, hopefully both have good food.


For the most part you can forget about great service in Europe, sometimes it feels like the waiters are doing you a favor for doing their job. We think this is because tipping is different in Europe, more on that in this tipping post. Please note that one dramatic difference between Europe and America is that you have to ask for the bill. It is considered rude for the waiter to bring the bill without being asked, it would mean s/he was asking you to pay and leave – rude!

Thissio Roof Garden in Athens

This cafe is a truly great find in Athens. Thissio offers roof top dining that has an amazing view of the Acropolis and the food is delicious and more than reasonably priced for what you get. We like it so much we ate here 2-3 times for lunch and dinner during our stay. We hope it will be as good when you visit or when we visit again.

Hotel Grande Bretagne

We also stayed at the Hotel Grande Bretange using our SPG points and the restaurants and bar had an amazing view of the Acropolis from the northeast. The food was really good and although a bit pricey as an upscale hotel might be, it was a great experience.

Stunning sunset view of the Erechtheion from our hotel bar northeast of the Acropolis at sunset

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