Motorcycle Travel Q&A: BIKE SECURITY

Question & Answers

Noah asks about Bike Security:

How did you secure your bike during your travels? I’m heading through eastern countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, did you have any issues there?


We deliberately shipped an older model bike over so that we didn’t fear it being stolen. I wouldn’t go too crazy worrying about the security of the bike, even in Poland and the Czech Republic we always felt very safe. The Czech Republic is beautiful and not a 3rd world country. Poland has a little further to go but is still beautiful and the towns are very nice. I think the normal precautions will suffice. Secure everything in your saddlebags (pref. hard) and lock your jackets to the bike. We’ve never had anyone mess with the bike or even stuff strapped to the trunk with bungees. Most of the time we covered the bike at night and in the extremely rare case that we wanted a little more “out of sight out of mind”protection.

People are good all over the world and that’s been the case everywhere we went including Kosovo, Bosnia, etc. We always felt welcomed and safe. In the end the bike is just a thing and you don’t want your concern for it to take away from the enjoyment of the trip so lock what can be locked, get good insurance and use common sense for parking your bike.

Just FYI, on the ferries you will not be able to stay with the bike. They make you come up to the passenger areas for the journey. But they do lock access to the vehicle area so no one will be bothering it. Plus it will be parked with all the other bikes. Safety in numbers.