Thissio Cafe in Athens

Best Food & View of the Acropolis – Athens

Eating Out While we love travel, our second love is good food. Many people talk about the great food in Europe but we find it difficult to find a good restaurant at a good price point in all of Europe (we are now at 30+ countries visited in Europe). When[…]

Tapas in Victoria BC

Tempting Tapas in Victoria BC

Tasty Tapas Maybe Victoria, BC isn’t the place you’d expect to find great tapas. Then again, our world is getting so small, and migration is essentially unlimited, you can find great food from around the world almost anywhere. We’ve had ethnic food all over the world and for my money,[…]

Tofino Tacos

Tacofino – Best Tacos in Tofino BC

Fish Tacos at Tacofino in Tofino We were told by local BCers to visit Tofino, a beach town and surf spot on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We were told it’s a Canadian version of the beach towns in California. Being from San Diego, we were curious to see[…]

The Painted Turtle at Dutch Lake

The Painted Turtle at Dutch Lake

The Painted Turtle at Dutch Lake Dutch Lake in BC is one of those places that harkens back to a simpler time when kids played by the water, caught frogs, went swimming, and just explored during the summertime. Maybe they spent the day fishing for trout in the lake then[…]

Best Food Rockies

The Best Eats and Treats along the Rockies

Burr Trail, Chateau Lake Louise, Jasper Park Lodge, The Painted Turtle some of our favorite food along our route and definitely the best food along the Rockies.

Burr Trail Grill on Route 12

Surprising Eatery Find Along UT 12 – Burr Trail Grill

History of the Burr Trail The Burr Trail is an historic icon in itself. The Burr Trail was created by John Atlantic Burr to take his cattle from grazing areas in the lower winter ranges to the higher summer areas. Born somewhere on the steam ship SS Brooklyn in the[…]

Sausage Baguette in Bern

Swiss “Corn Dog” and Gorgeous Bern, Switzerland

So we ended up in Bern, Switzerland at the end of our Balkan motorcycle tour because we had to replace our passports that we lost on our way from Italy into Switzerland. After about 2 hours at the US Embassy, we had our temporary passports in hand and decided to[…]

Fresh fish Lady Pi Pi

Treats and Eats in Old Town Dubrovnik

While in Dubrovnik we found some great places to eat, and more excellent pizza in Croatia. Two places really stood out, the Pirate’s Booty candy store for kids and the young at heart, and Lady Pi Pi with a very adult themed mascot statue. Eating in Dubrovnik is a special[…]

Turkish Coffee

Bosnian Food and Tasty Meals of Mostar

Cevapi, mixed meat grill, Herzegovina mixed grill, lamb on a spit. Bosnian food is not typically on the top of the list for most foodies, but Bosnian food is awesome!