cooking on a sailboat

Eating Aboard – Cooking on a Sailboat

Cooking on a sailboat can be a challenge no matter where you’re sailing. You really have to set up some ground rules and plan things out just as you do when planning a trip with your significant other. Whether traveling as a couple, family, or with friends as we did,…

Peka a Traditional Meal of Croatia

Sumptuous Peka – A Traditional Meal of Croatia

When you travel to Croatia, even if only for a day, you must have their traditional meal called peka. When we travel to other countries, we like to immerse ourselves in the culture and traditions of the people, because that’s really what defines a country.

Delicious nutella banana crêpes in Pula

Crêpes in Pula – nutella & banana

This FOODIE FRIDAY we focus on crêpes. This refined, paper thin pancake can be either sweet or savory. Crêpes are commonly thought of as French but can be found throughout Europe and Northern Africa.

House Special Shrimp Pizza

Italian vs Balkan Pizza – The Winner Is…

There are several things that make a good pizza and I just can’t decide on what’s most important. Pizzas on our trips have several things in common: they are cooked in wood-fired pizza oven the old …

Counter at Vigo Gelateria Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Best Gelato Ever

As we walked through Ljubljana toward the castle in the morning, we walked by a corner store that from the outside looked like a clothing store, but in fact was Vigo, a gelato shop. They weren’t yet open as it was only about 10 am, but the gelato maker was…

Bovec, Slovenia Hearty Deer Medallions and Polenta

Hearty Local Fare in Bovec, Slovenia

Hearty Deer Medallions with Polenta On arriving in Bovec , Slovenia, just outside Triglavski National Park, we had a long ride from Venice earlier in the day and it was cool and a bit overcast. On wandering around the quaint town center, we could feel the energy of the town[…]