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Motorcycle Travel Q&A: BIKE SECURITY

Q: How did you secure your bike during your travels? I’m heading through eastern countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, did you have any issues there?
TwoUp: We deliberately shipped ….

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Motorcycle Travel Q&A: CREDIT CARDS

Jon asks about Credit Cards in Europe: Can I use my credit cards like I do in the State in Europe? And do I have to notify my credit card of my travel plans?
TwoUp: For credit cards, yes the travel ….

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Motorcycle Travel Q&A: FUEL

Noah asks about Fuel: Could you please advise me about finding fuel in Europe? I don’t read German, Italian, Polish, Danish, Czech, etc.
TwoUp: I don’t know all of the words for fuel either but I know…

How to Tip in Europe

Gratuity while in Europe doesn’t have to be a source of stress or strife. Ask any American server and they will tell you how bad Europeans are at tipping. Learn how to tip in Europe…

Port of Marmaris Turkey

Getting from Greece to Turkey by Sea

The Hunt for a Ship You would think that with all of the ferries going to and from islands all over the Aegean Sea that it would be easy to find a ship to transport a motorcycle from Greece to Turkey. You would be wrong. Even before we rode our[…]

Sailing the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia Island Cruise: Trogir, Vis, Mljet NP, Korčula. Hvar, Brač, Trogir

How to plan a Dalmatian Coast Sailing Trip

You’ve seen the photo of a catamaran anchored in a tiny cove in crystal blue water and thought “damn that would be awesome to do some time.” Well, it was…