Going to the Sun Road

Going to the Sun Road – Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Glacier National Park is dubbed the Crown of the Continent. The park is stunningly beautiful with hiking trails to waterfalls, lakes, and yes…glaciers too. All of the trails have sublime views complete with an overabundance of wildflowers. The famous Going to the Sun Road is an amazing[…]

Glacier National Park

The Sad Story of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Get there as soon as you can. By our observations during our visit, and from what we heard from the rangers, Glacier National Park could be a misnomer by as soon as 2030. With over 150 glaciers in the park when it was founded in 1910, there[…]

Red Lodge Montana

Classic Old West Towns of Red Lodge and Helena Montana

Montana has so many classic Old West historic towns that it’s hard to choose what to see. Red Lodge and Helena were on our route and they turned out to be great towns to visit and explore. These are two great examples of historic western towns that are worth your[…]

Beartooth Scenic Highway SCENIC ROUTE

Drive the Impressive Beartooth Scenic Highway

TwoUp Route Rating: Wyoming & Montana: Beartooth Scenic Highway Sights: mountains, snow, forests, wildlife Road Type: curvy, alpine pass Traffic: moderate Road Conditions: mixed. Some very bumpy roads, some nicely paved Speed: 45-65 MPH Elevation: 10,947 Beartooth Scenic Highway The Beartooth Scenic Highway has to be one of the most[…]

Yellowstone National Park Prismatic Spring

Hey Yogi – The 4 Best Things to do in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone was founded as America’s first national park in 1872. It’s the second largest national park in the 48 states after Death Valley. Based on that alone you can expect there would be a lot to do in the park. When you consider it overlies a supervolcano (a hot spot,[…]

Geysers to Glaciers

From Geysers to Glaciers – 5 Amazing Stops along the US Rockies

So now we’re on to a part of the trip we like to unofficially call Geysers to Glaciers. It’s our route from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park via the Beartooth Scenic Byway. Along the way we found several noteworthy towns, two of which we’ll take a closer look[…]

Jackson Hole

We’re Goin’ to Jackson Hole

Jackson, Wyoming (Jackson Hole is the valley in which Jackson sits) is a town that has really embraced its history and has boomed as a town just outside of Grand Teton National Park. It seems the town is an extension of the rugged beauty of the Grand Tetons. The centerpiece[…]

Grand Teton National Park

5 Things to Do at Grand Teton National Park

As we drove US 26 westward on our journey to the famous Grand Teton National Park, we came upon the crest of a hill that provided us with a view of one of the most dramatic and sublime scenes that North America has to offer. The expansive Grand Teton mountain[…]

Wyoming Forever West

What to See in Wild Wyoming

Wyoming has vast open landscapes, jagged mountain peaks and winding rivers. Inside and outside of Wyoming’s National Parks is some of America’s most spectacular cowboy country. It is home to two incredible national parks that exemplify the natural wonders of the American West. From the Grand Tetons, one of the[…]

5 Things to Do at Rocky Mountain National Park

1. Roads Cruising the beautiful scenic roads of Rocky Mountain National Park is a treat just in itself. Trail Ridge Road is a great road that provides access to all areas of the park as well as scenic vistas, the chance to see all kinds of wildlife, and high alpine[…]