Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Cruising Milner Pass & Trail Ridge Road – Rocky Mt. NP

Trail Ridge Road is the main route through Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ll talk more about the park in our next post. TwoUp Route Rating: Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park – Trail Ridge Road Sights: mountains, snow, forests, wildlife Road Type: curvy, alpine pass Traffic: busy Road Conditions: mixed. Few[…]

Scenic Byways of Colorado

Riding the Scenic Byways of Colorado

We spent many days exploring some of the incredibly beautiful scenic byways of Colorado. There are 26 in all in fact, but we rode only about a quarter of them. There are a few websites that list many of them and we selected a few along our route to put[…]

TwoUpRiders is now 2.1UpRiders – Introducing JoJo

2.1 might be over stating it for our pint sized addition. JoJo is a new addition to the family and until now we have left our furry friends at home with family while we travel.  Kingsley, our beloved Lhasa Apso, has a new little brother.  When we say little, we[…]

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings

Ancient Cliff Dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park

Childhood Dreams Ever since I was  kid in high school, I have been mesmerized by the Anasazi Indian Ruins. I remember having posters of the cliff dwellings on my wall. I always dreamed of visiting this place that to me was so far away it might have well have been[…]

Spectacular Monument Valley on US Highway 193

Classic American West – US Highway 163

Highway 163 The area around US Highway 163 is an amazing assortment of dramatic roadways and incredible landscapes. Such was our experience through this classic area. We combined the Mokai Dugway (a 1,200 foot, near vertical descent down the face of a vibrantly colored sandstone cliff), Goosenecks State Park, and[…]

Dead Horse Point State Park

Twists and Turns of Dead Horse Point State Park – Utah

Dead Horse Point State Park Dead Horse Point State Park is another of the wonderful Utah state parks in a state that is rich in natural and human history. We hadn’t even heard of this park until we got closer to it during our trip to Arches National Park. With[…]

Cactus Desert Flower

Desert Flowers of CA, NV, AZ, and UT

In motorcycling from San Diego to Colorado we toured many wonderful places and went through deserts, plateaus, salt flats, petrified forests, mountainous landscapes and hoodoos. Throughout our travels we discovered a large variety of desert flowers. Below are a few of our best shots from our travels through the Mojave,[…]

Arches National Park

Things to See in Arches National Park

Arches National Park There are more than 2,000 documented arches in Arches National Park! With so many arches it’s impossible to see them all of course, but you can spend a few days seeing some highlights. The park has good roads to take you close to many of the most[…]

Capitol Reef National Park

Soaring Heights of Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park Capitol Reef National Park is one of five incredible national parks in Utah. Capitol Reef is known for high towering cliffs and the amazing Waterpocket Fold. The name of the park comes from the white domes of Navajo Sandstone reminiscent of the Capitol Building in Washington[…]

2016 Blue Angels San Diego

2016 Miramar Air Show – Blue Angels Fly Overhead

Two Up Riders live in the best city in the world, San Diego! We also live at the end of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (the one Maverick was sent to for Top Gun training in the movie). We often see F-18s, Hueys, C-130s, and Ospreys fly overhead. We’ve even[…]