Scenic Highway UT-12

Hwy 12 and Petrified Forest State Park – Escalante, UT

No one can deny that some of the best national parks are in Utah. Utah is blessed with dramatic desert landscapes and scenery that are unrivaled anywhere in the world. Above we rest our weary feet after a long day on the motorcycle at the log cabin communal fire pit,[…]

Bryce Canyon National Park

The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park Bryce Canyon is the highest of the five steps in the Grand Staircase that starts down near the Grand Canyon with the Chocolate Cliffs, goes up to Vermillion Cliffs, then the White Cliffs as seen in Zion and along UT-12, the Grey Cliffs along UT-24, and[…]

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Utah State Route SCENIC STOP

Coral Pink Sand Dunes – Utah State Route 43

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, but Utah has some amazing state parks to go along with the stunning national parks within its borders. As you travel along with us, we’ll show you just a few of them that we’ve explored. Coral Pink Sand Dunes[…]

North Rim Grand Canyon

Spectacular Hiking & Views – North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon – A Typical Experience The Grand Canyon is known throughout the world as a place of unparalleled views. How many photos have we seen of the incredibly wide and deep gorges of endless color and structure? Most people’s experience of the Grand Canyon is at the South[…]

Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Drive

Vermillion Cliffs – A Feast for the Eyes

Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area The Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona are a place most people drive by and think “wow, what beautiful and colorful cliffs,” and move on to other destinations. Well they’d be right, but there is much to see and do in beyond the cliffs. The[…]

An Hour of Desert Solitude – Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona

Antelope Canyon – You’ve never heard of it but you’ve seen it. Antelope Canyon is one of the most well-photographed and visited places in the American Southwest, but many people don’t even know about it. When we told people we were planning to visit it, no one knew what we[…]

Zion National Park

Visit Zion National Park, UT

Of the 25 or so national parks we have visited over the years, Zion National Park is in the top 5, and for good reason. Zion is situated in some of the most spectacular scenery and geology almost anywhere on the planet. Giant gorges cut by the Virgin River through[…]

Sandstone bedding

Hiking in the Valley of Fire SP – Nevada

When we planned our trip between San Diego and southwestern Utah, I was looking least forward to the trip between Vegas and St. George. Ok, let’s face it, I was dreading it. Even as a geologist, that stretch of road isn’t very interesting and it seemed we would be forced[…]

SSR 167 Clark County Nevada Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive Nevada Scenic State Route 167 – Rare Wild Horse Sighting

TwoUp Route Rating Nevada State Route 167 Sights – colorful rocky landscape, sand dunes, desert flowers, (for us – wild horses) Road type – flat, curvy Road Condition – excellent Traffic – light Speed – 35MPH Elevation – approx. 2000 feet Nevada State Route 167 Nevada’s State Route 167, also[…]

Mojave National Preserve – More than Meets the Eye

Mojave National Preserve Between Barstow and the CA/VA Border is the Mojave National Preserve on the south side of I-15. We found there’s a lot of rich history in the desert if you’re willing to look for it. It almost seems there was more human activity in the desert 50[…]