Dalyan Turkey

Ancient Dalyan Tombs Carved in Rock Cliffs

Just a short day trip from Marmaris lie the ancient rock tombs of Lycian Kings in Dalyan. The drive there is a little more than an hour by motorcycle through pine forests on great quality roads. The town, not much in and of itself, seems to be geared around tourism.[…]

Marmaris Turkey

The Beautiful Port Town of Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Town Marmaris, Turkey is a gorgeous, if not smaller and sleepier, port town along the west coast of Turkey. It was such a fantastic way to start our exploration of western Turkey on our Goldwing. Arriving by ferry, it seemed almost that we were arriving to a port somewhere[…]

Port of Marmaris Turkey

Getting from Greece to Turkey by Sea

The Hunt for a Ship You would think that with all of the ferries going to and from islands all over the Aegean Sea that it would be easy to find a ship to transport a motorcycle from Greece to Turkey. You would be wrong. Even before we rode our[…]

Route Map of Greece & Turkey

The Marvels of Greece and Turkey

TwoUpRiders headed Southeast through Greece and Turkey. We started our trip from Milan where we last left the motorcycle. We were nervous, because we heard driving is crazy in Greece and even crazier in Turkey, but excited for this next adventure. Is it really an adventure if there isn’t a[…]