Crêpes in Pula – nutella & banana

Delicious nutella banana crêpes in Pula

Dessert or Meal?

This FOODIE FRIDAY we focus on crêpes. This refined, paper thin pancake can be either sweet or savory. Crêpes are commonly thought of as French but can be found throughout Europe and Northern Africa. The batter ingredients are quite simple and include flour, eggs, milk, butter, and a pinch of salt. While the thinness and color of the crêpe is of utmost importance, it’s really what’s inside that gives a crêpe it’s flavor.

We Say – Dessert

Decadent, delectable, delightful crêpes topped with the hazelnut chocolatey goodness of Nutella and slivers of banana is a scrumptious treat any time of day.  While in Pula, Croatia we had our first crêpe of the trip from a crêperie (street vendor), right outside the Pula Amphitheatre. Both our taste buds and our eyes were in for a treat this afternoon.

Famous Crêpes

French Crêpes Suzette is probably the most famous crêpe with lightly grated orange peel and Grand Marnier which is lit on fire for serving. Ah, a trip to France looks like it is in order, as we have yet to try this. Common dessert or breakfast fillings include the TwoUpRider favorite of Nutella, but also maple syrup, lemon juice, fruit spreads, custards, soft fruits and whipped cream. Common savory filings, served for lunch or dinner include ratatouille, ham & eggs, mushrooms, artichoke and a variety of meat fillings. So what do you think – dessert or meal?