Enchanting Panorama at this Lakeside Eatery in Banff

Lake Louise

Chateau Lake Louise

After a day of walking around and sight seeing in the Lake Louise vicinity, we worked up an appetite for a great meal. We arrived at Lake Louise and found one of our typical front row parking spots, thanks to being on 2 wheels instead of 4. The walk up to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and the lake was quite short. We were quickly within the throngs of the other tourists. To be honest, the hotel doesn’t look as magnificent up close as it does from the far away views of it on the web. I was a bit disappointed. At the edge of Lake Louise were hundreds of tourists, each trying to snap their perfect family picture or selfie. It was actually a bit comical, for as many people as were along the edge of the lake, one could easily snap a photo to make it look like it was just you a a few kayakers out on the lake.

Four our late lunch/early dinner, we decided on the Lakeview Lounge. It had an outdoor seating area and was on a level above the other cafe, thus offering a better view. Why someone wouldn’t want to sit outside on such a beautiful day I don’t know. There were several tables to choose from, all with a great view of Lake Louise, Mount Victoria, and Victoria Glacier. We selected our table for the perfect vantage point, surrounded by beautiful flowers and pine trees that framed the view.

Rebecca had the Lobster Croissant, a lobster salad sandwich on a croissant with sweet potato fries and I had the Rocky Cheesesteak, a ribeye sandwich with parmesean truffle fries. Our selections couldn’t have been more spot on, the sandwiches were delicious and the view was absolutely sublime. Our waitress was super friendly and helpful, she seemed really happy to be there and to help us. Who wouldn’t in such a magical setting!