The Grand Canal in 28 Seconds – Venice, Italy

Grand Canal Venice, Italy

A boat ride on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy is a must, whether by Vaporetto or Gondola.

This boat ride (Vaporetto/water bus) on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy took a total of over 1 hour on the red line, starting and ending in Piazza San Marco. The number 2 line has 17 stops through the Canale della Guidecca and Canal Grande, with a 24-hour pass you can hop on and off with ease. This is a great way to get from one section of town to another, see the sights and experience Venetian life all at the same time. The canal is as busy as Times Square in NYC or Prague’s main square in the Czech Republic. The Grand Canal is only a portion of the boat ride which takes about 30 minutes and has quintessential views of the canal and the surrounding architecture. The homes, once belonging to noble Venetians, show off beautiful architecture along the canal in styles that include Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. The video below is a 28 second time-lapse of TwoUpRiders trip down the Grand Canal.

Venice, Italy is a must see city, there is nothing else quite like it. Next on our Milano to Ljubljana route – the mesmerizing mountains of Slovenia.