An Instagram Find – Kravica Waterfall

Croatia - Kravice Falls

Kravica Waterfall

While in Mostar, we were searching online to find other things to see and do outside of the town, particularly in the direction we were heading, toward the coastline again and on to Dubrovnik. We drove to the top of the hill outside of Mostar to the large Communist Era cross overlooking the Neretva River Valley and found a great restaurant in Restoran Udovice for some excellent roasted lamb off a spit. As Rebecca was posting to and looking at Instagram photos in the region, she came across another waterfall just off the road on the way to the coast. Kravica Waterfall looked like a nice quiet place to check out for a couple hours. We found the falls pretty easily and arrived at the parking lot, where there was plenty of space to find a good shady spot. We changed into our suits, paid the $2 fee to enter the falls and headed down the switchback path to the river.

Kravica Waterfall is of the same origin as the falls found at Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Parks, they’re travertine waterfalls born out of the Trebizat River flowing over the limestone and dolomite bedrock. They’re beautiful individual small and large cascades over a width of at least 75 to 100 feet and with a fall about 40 to 50 feet. One of the best parts of the falls is that we had complete access to the river and the falls. Many of the people there were taking full advantage of the access climbing all over the falls. In some areas people were able to explore behind the falls, climbing through small caves formed by the travertine, tree roots, and vines flowing down the edge of the falls. It’s clearly a place that gets a lot of attention and usage, as it should. It’s a nice place to visit and a nice find.