Marvelous Meringue, Captivating Cannolis, Plentiful Pizza and a Bounty of Bread

Bergamo Meringues in a Store Window

Foodie Friday

Why is it when you’re in Italy all of the food always looks so good? Maybe it’s just the cozy little bakeries and pizzerias, maybe it’s the handmade signs identifying each delicious offering, but more likely it’s that it looks like the grand old Italian mama made each and every piece just minutes ago in her centuries old wood fired oven. I suppose that’s it, the romance of it all that we build in our minds. It just looks so much better than the food case at Starbucks, try as they might, they can’t hold a candle to the Italian mama in the kitchen.

The cannolis looks like they were made just for me, the bread looks like nothing I have ever seen or heard of. I could eat the pizza in Italy every day for the rest of my life. Those meringues, they just look like they were from out of a dream. I would have taken a dozen of everything, fortunately the fact we were traveling by motorbike meant we could only buy what we could eat.

Strolling through the narrow streets of Alta Citta in Bergamo (just down the mountainside from San Pellegrino Terme of bottled water fame) it feels like we’ve found a hidden gem as we hadn’t heard of this place until the day before from our cousin’s boyfriend who happens to be from Bergamo. Of course he couldn’t say enough about his little town, but we chalked that up to just being proud of where you’re from. But damn if he wasn’t right, it’s definitely worth a visit.