Milano to Ljubljana – Motorbike Tour of the Balkans Part 1

MIlan to Ljubljana

Tales of our latest adventure

We embarked on a 32-day motorbike tour of the Balkans, mostly the countries that made up former Yugoslavia (plus Albania, minus Serbia).  For our 1st week, we started in Milan, Italy and passed through northern Italy stopping at Bergamo (the Alta Citta), Brescia, and Venice on our way to the beautiful, pocket-sized country of Slovenia with its charming capital city of Ljubljana. We were so excited that we couldn’t even be derailed by the fact that the airline lost our only checked bag, only delivering it 5 days later – after we had already purchased a replacement for Rebecca’s missing motorcycle jacket. Oh well, guess you can’t have too many jackets.

This motorbike tour through the Balkans had scenic motorbike routes, spectacular scenery, windy mountain passes, friendly people, excellent food, amazing coastlines, and quaint mountain towns. We hope you read about all our adventures in our upcoming posts scheduled for Tuesdays and Saturdays.  If you would like to follow our route on your own or with friends, soon you will be able to download any of our trips in our shop section. As a way to trace our steps, we have created helmet flag stickers and country code stickers that can be used on helmets or vehicles; purchase these stickers so you too can commemorate your travels.

We had no idea what to expect once we crossed the border from Italy into the Balkans. We had done our research, read all about sailing the Dalmatian Coast, read and watched documentaries about the Balkan wars of the 1990s, and checked travel websites for all of the usual admonitions of where to and not to travel, but planning and doing are two different things…at least so we were to find out.