On the Road Again – Trogir to Mostar to Dubrovnik

Trogir to Mostar to Dubrovnik

Trogir to Mostar

The third week of our motorbike tour through much of the Balkan Peninsula was spent off the motorbike and instead leisurely sailing the Dalmatian Coast on a 38-foot catamaran. We had a great night our last night on the boat in the marina despite (or perhaps because of) the storm. In part this was because of our amazing meal at Restaurant Don Dino. After a brief tour of Trogir, we had to say goodbye to our charming little town by the sea and continue our drive southward and eastward to more adventures in the Balkan Peninsula.

Traveling along the scenic and dramatic Dalmatian Coast, dotted with islands in a tranquil blue sea, is a treat in and of itself. We were fortunate to have a bit of time to slowly cruise the coast, stopping along the way at cafes, restaurants, fishing villages, and secluded coves, soaking in all the coast had to offer from the land side of the equation.

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

At Opuzen, Croatia on the main coast road, we headed east into Bosnia-Herzegovina and the town of Mostar. We spent a couple of days in and around Mostar seeing the Old Bridge and watching the divers jump 90 feet into the Neretva River, sometimes coinciding with a hypnotic call to prayer from the minarets. We learned of and saw first hand the recent tragic history of Mostar’s place in the Balkan War, how the city is still divided by religion and ethnicity, and we visited the beautifully restored Old Town, literally risen form the ashes.

We headed up out of the Neretva Valley to the upland hills outside of Mostar to the town of Sretnice for some incredible lamb on a spit at our favorite new restaurant in Bosnia-Herzegovina. While in Mostar, Rebecca found another great waterfall to explore while heading back down to the coastline.

Mostar to Dubrovnik

After crossing back into Croatia from our short trip into Bosnia-Herzegovina, we headed south to the beautifully preserved walled city of Dubrovnik. It seems that Dubrovnik is considered by some to be an undiscovered destination, for others, it seems to be well known. From our visit we can definitively say it’s not a secret, if it ever was. With its dramatic setting, protected on 3 sides by the open sea and completely encircled by an 80 foot wall, the town inside the wall is incredibly beautiful. We were fortunate to stay inside the city walls and spend a few days exploring its secrets and enjoying wonderful food. As an added bonus, we were treated to an unforgettable sunset as we walked the walls that surrounded the city.

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