Paradise Road & Views of the Golden Gate

Golden Gate from Tiburon

After breakfast we hopped on the bike but wait, the bike won’t start! You’re kidding, our first day of the trip and we have mechanical troubles right off the bat? Oh wait, never mind, I remember I used the reverse gear earlier (yes this bike is so heavy it needs its own reverse gear) and I forgot I have to jiggle the handle a little to get back in to neutral – the bike won’t start unless it is in neutral. Crisis averted.

If you remember, Rebecca doesn’t like to drive on the highway on the Motorcycle. Much to Rebecca’s chagrin, we have to take the highway to get over a branch of San Francisco Bay. So she white knuckled it out along I-580, across the water into Tiburon. Interestingly enough, as you head into Tiburon, which seems to be a pretty exclusive peninsula north of San Fran, you pass right by San Quentin State Penitentiary.

One of the best things about motorcycle touring – finding towns and roads that you didn’t know existed. Tiburon is a most unexpected quaint little town sort of place. A great road called Paradise Road (aptly named) twists and turns all the way around the peninsula with great views of the water, in and out of residential areas, and surrounded by big shady trees. A nice little place to visit in the Bay Area.

Golden Gate from Tiburon
San Fran’s Famous Golden Gate
Tiburon view of San Francisco
Golden Gate in the Background
Parked at Salsaulito
Stretching Our Legs