I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Leaving Tiburon we headed down in to Saulsalito. We found a parking spot right in the downtown area (that’s the great thing about being on a bike, parking is usually easy) and found a nice place on the water for lunch. It was a good meal, but the best part was what we found for dessert afterwards. I am always on the lookout for ice cream and as we walked up and down the main drag we found a few spots and settled on Lambert’s Ice Cream. I ordered us each a cone with 2 scoops. I think the total came to about $15 which should have tipped me off. Well we proceeded to get 2 of the largest ice cream cones I have ever seen. It was delicious, but I am ashamed to admit they were so big, that I barely finished mine and I couldn’t even attempt to finish Rebecca’s! I guess it throws a monkey wrench into my theory that you can never be too full for popcorn or ice cream.