Rustic Food that Sounds Funny but Tastes Great – Durmitor Beat-Meat

Beat-Meat stew and Lamb with Potatoes

Rustic Food – Durmitor Meals

After driving a long day from Kotor to Pluzine and through Durmitor National Park, we reached the town of Zabljak. We checked in to the Hotel Soa, a nice hotel with small rooms, and started off on our search for a good meal. We selected a restaurant called Oro just off the main intersection in town, more or less based on how it looked. It was a very rustic mountain looking place with tall timbers hugging the large windows. It was all wood inside and they had tons of traditional rustic food items on the menu, so we felt we had found the right place. As we’ve said time and time again, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a country and a culture is by indulging in its food.

We ordered the Muckalica (Beat-Meat), which is a hearty traditional stew, and Lamb Durmitor-style which was a roasted lamb with potatoes. Both meals were nicely presented, well portioned, and smelled amazing! Served with a nice bread, we couldn’t have been happier. After a cool day riding in the mountains, and a chilly rain outside, it was the perfect meal, in the perfect place, at the perfect time. The stew was amazing; they use such simple ingredients and spices but it all came together so well. The lamb was super tender and, like the stew, was simply but very well seasoned. We loved them so much we went back and ordered them again the next day.  🙂


After our ride through Durmitor National Park, we found our way to Zabljak, a nice mountain town, with all of the amenities one needs in the mountains: good restaurants (Oro, see above), mountain cabins, rustic retreats, good hotels (Hotel SOA is nice), gas stations, grocery stores, and places to find outdoor equipment. There is a ton of stuff to do in the area, and Zabljak couldn’t be a better place form which to do it. I could see spending a week or so in the region and Zabljak would be my choice as a place to stay.