Foodie Friday

Sausage Baguette in Bern

Swiss “Corn Dog” and Gorgeous Bern, Switzerland

So we ended up in Bern, Switzerland at the end of our Balkan motorcycle tour because we had to replace our passports that we lost on our way from Italy into Switzerland. After about 2 hours at the US Embassy, we had our temporary passports in hand and decided to[…]

Turkish Coffee

Bosnian Food and Tasty Meals of Mostar

Cevapi, mixed meat grill, Herzegovina mixed grill, lamb on a spit. Bosnian food is not typically on the top of the list for most foodies, but Bosnian food is awesome!

cooking on a sailboat

Eating Aboard – Cooking on a Sailboat

Cooking on a sailboat can be a challenge no matter where you’re sailing. You really have to set up some ground rules and plan things out just as you do when planning a trip with your significant other. Whether traveling as a couple, family, or with friends as we did,…

Peka a Traditional Meal of Croatia

Sumptuous Peka – A Traditional Meal of Croatia

When you travel to Croatia, even if only for a day, you must have their traditional meal called peka. When we travel to other countries, we like to immerse ourselves in the culture and traditions of the people, because that’s really what defines a country.

Delicious nutella banana crêpes in Pula

Crêpes in Pula – nutella & banana

This FOODIE FRIDAY we focus on crêpes. This refined, paper thin pancake can be either sweet or savory. Crêpes are commonly thought of as French but can be found throughout Europe and Northern Africa.