Nighttime on the Grand Canal

4 Unique Outings for Venice at Night

What is it about Venice at Night that’s so captivating? It’s such a different city from most any other place in the world, the night factor just adds…

The Grand Canal Fronted SPG Hotel Europa

Stay There Sunday – Venice SPG Hotel Europa Regina

I’ll first say that we’re unabashed fans of SPG. They are at the style and level of quality and service we prefer and they seem to have hotels in just the right location for the cities we visit.

Venice Canal

Top 5 Things to do in Venice

Walk the streets and canals Venice was made for walking as there are so many charming tiny walkways to wander down, and then you reach the end of one and you’re out in a beautiful piazza or along the grand canal. Navigating the streets is not for the impatient however,[…]

Grand Canal Venice, Italy VIDEO

The Grand Canal in 28 Seconds – Venice, Italy

This boat ride (Vaporetto/water taxi) on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy took a total of over 1 hour, starting and ending in Piazza San Marco. The canal is as busy as Times Square in NYC or Prague’s main square in the Czech Republic.

Brescia, Italy

Quick Stop in Brescia, Italy

We had just a few hours to stop in Brescia on our way to Venice, but it was a worthwhile stop. It’s a nice city with some good architecture and several nice squares. One of the most interesting things to see and do in Brescia is to tour the underground rivers.

Bergamo, Italy Streets

Overnight in Citta Alta Bergamo, Italy

We’ll start out first by admitting we had no intention of visiting the Citta Alta (upper city) of Bergamo, Italy when we planned our trip. Not because it isn’t worth visiting, it most definitely is. We just had never heard of it.