Treats and Eats in Old Town Dubrovnik

Fresh fish Lady Pi Pi

While in Dubrovnik we found some great places to eat, and more excellent pizza in Croatia. Two places really stood out, the Pirate’s Booty candy store for kids and the young at heart, and Lady Pi Pi with a very adult themed mascot statue. Eating in Dubrovnik is a special treat.

A Child’s Dream

The Pirate’s Booty in Old Town Dubrovnik is a visual and delectable delight. Right in the middle of the Old Town, it’s well visited and for good reason. Soooo many sweet and tart treats, there’s really something for everyone. Do you like chocolates, caramel, sour gummies, cookies, licorice, gummy bears? No problem, they’re all there for you to choose from all sitting in bulk in beautiful wooden casks. It was really hard to leave after sampling a few of their items and taking some along for later.

Lady Pi Pi Restaurant

On arriving in Dubrovnik a bit later than our friends, Carolyn was super excited to tell us about a place for lunch or dinner that she discovered the night before. We parted ways for a few hours to explore on our own, and as we walked around the perimeter of the Old Town, inside the walls, we also found an awesome restaurant with a beautifully romantic setting and a tempting aroma. As luck would have it, it was the same place! Lady Pi Pi restaurant on the east side of Old Town up in the residential area away from the crowds. It has a relaxing setting overlooking the center of Old Town.

On arriving at the restaurant, we almost missed the little statue fountain on the right. Not sure how we missed it, I mean a naked lady with her legs spread wide open using the fountain as her own personal pee pot. Lady Pi Pi was taking a pee pee. Quite the sight (see the photo below) and a fitting fountain for the spot. Eating in Dubrovnik is not for the faint of heart.

The meal was fantastic as was the setting and the company. We had such a good time with delicious salads, some fresh seafood, more excellent cevapi, and a few bottles of prosecco! The day couldn’t have been better. Lady Pi Pi is a bit off the main drag, but makes eating in Dubrovnik a fun time.

Other Good Stuff

There were also great cafes, wonderful pizzas, seafood, and even black seafood risotto. Oh, and of course there is some delicious gelato! Eating in Dubrovnik can be a lot of fun, whether you want to find something new or have a hankering for a great pizza.

On the Port, just outside the walls of Dubrovnik