TwoUpRiders is now 2.1UpRiders – Introducing JoJo

2.1 might be over stating it for our pint sized addition. JoJo is a new addition to the family and until now we have left our furry friends at home with family while we travel.  Kingsley, our beloved Lhasa Apso, has a new little brother.  When we say little, we mean it. Jojo, our newly adopted 3.25-pound miniature Yorkie has joined us for our motorcycle adventure through the Rockies. We adopted 2-year old JoJo and couldn’t find it in our hearts to leave him with our family just as he was getting used to us.  We thought about this long and hard, went back and forth many times, but in the end, we decided it was best for him to come with us.

In order to take JoJo, we needed to get rid of a few things we normally carry to have room for a crate on the trunk rack. We were both nervous about how secure a crate would be on the rack. We purchased a specialized crate for motorcycles and dogs which has connected to the trunk rack superbly! It has mesh openings on both ends and a “porthole” mesh opening on the top, all of which can be closed off in case of inclement weather.

We are happy to report that JoJo likes the crate, though he pops up like a whack-a-mole when we stop, to quickly check out his new surroundings. We have not typically dressed our pets but this is a unique situation and we decided doggles were necessary if he was to ride outside the trunk mounted crate. Hysterical we know #CrazyPetOwners. We own a hiking waist pack  that fits him perfectly, which we sometimes use to give him a change to riding in the crate and want to keep his eyes safe.

We were excited to travel on the motorcycle through the great national parks of the Rockies including: Rocky Mountain, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, and Jasper to name a few.