Vancouver Canada the Best of Europe and America Combined

Boat house in Vancouver BC

Vancouver, BC best of West and farther West, with a touch of East

We visited Vancouver, BC at Christmas time in 2005. It was an unplanned detour from our trip to Seattle for the holidays, and we really loved it. We couldn’t wait to go back. We had visited the Steam Clock and other attractions of the area, including a walk on a suspension bridge just north of the city. We walked the city streets and found the Canadians really hospitable [though they do think we Americans are all armed… 🙂 ].

On our second visit we arrived from the north via Whistler, eventually on our way to Vancouver Island. We arrived at the Westin Bayshore and got a great room with a view of the harbor, promenade and much of city. We find Vancouver to be the best of European cities and American cities combined. It’s a really accessible city with so much to see and do. So many ethnicitys  combine to make it feel like the worldly city it is.

We spent some time strolling the promenade along the water and looking at the boats and houses floating on the water, such a cool way to live! We were amazed at how many people were just out walking, biking and enjoying the beautiful day and evening we’d been treated to. People walking dogs, hanging out with friends, or hand in hand as a couple, everyone seemed to be embracing life.

We spent some time walking around beautiful Stanley Park. What a treasure in such a big city to have a natural getaway right near the water in the midst of all the city life. It reminded us of Central Park in NYC or Balboa Park in our hometown of San Diego.

Vancouver is worth a special trip. With so much to see and do in and around the city, you could spend a week and not see the same place twice. We highly recommend it, and we’ll be back again!


Delectable Dumplings in Vancouver

We had a hankering for dumplings and did a yelp search to find these delectable offerings. We Yelped dumplings near the Westin Bayfront where we were staying and found a few options. We chose Dinesty Dumplings on Robson. We were not dissapointed.

There was just a few minute wait til we got our table. The waitresses were all business but helpful in making selections. We picked a few seafood and vegetarian options plus some great noodles the couple next to us were having. Sometimes that’s the best way to choose, see what someone else is having and order that!

Our dumplings arrived in steam baskets, just like we had when we were in China. The flavors were delicious and came with a few dipping sauces that were spot on. The noodles were also super tasty, with a more earthy flavor, rich and hearty. It always amazes us when we travel, that we can find excellent authentic dishes in a place that is 1000s of miles from its place of origin. You would do well to go to Dinesty Dumplings while in Vancouver for a taste of China!