4 Unique Outings for Venice at Night

Nighttime on the Grand Canal
There’s just something alluring about Venice, and there’s just something mystical about Venice at night. From the random street artist playing the violin to the gondoliers singing an Italian melody while escorting their fare through the tiny water alleys, Venice at night is something to experience. Some unique things to experience at night in Venice are:
  1. Harry’s Bar -The name originates from a once wealthy customer, Harry Pickering, who was down on his luck and borrowed money from Giuseppe Cipriani who was the barman at the luxury Hotel Europa. Giuseppe had given up hope of getting his money back when Pickering showed up to repay his debt 4 fold. Pickering told Giuseppe that he should use the money to open a bar of his own for high society. In May of 1931, Guiseppe and his wife Giulietta opened Harry’s Bar.
  2.  Opened in 1720, Café Florian, is the oldest café bar in Venice and sits in Saint Mark’s Square. A live orchestra at night provides amazing accompaniment to finest coffee or wine aperitif, while enjoying the view of Piazza San Marco.
  3. Feeling lucky? Visit the oldest casino in the world opened in 1638, the Casino Ca’Vendramin Calergi. A Renaissance styled palace of composer Richard Wagner, located on the grand canal, now houses the Wagner Museum, Wagner Restaurant and the Casino Ca’Vendramin Calergi.
  4. Step back in time, back to the 19th century when this tradition started. Whether Opera is your thing or not you can’t deny that being escorted from room to room in a Baroque Venetian palace, Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, by opera singers singing famous opera songs from operas like Rigoletto, is pretty darn cool. Take in opera like you never thought possible with the Musica a Palazzo cast offering 4 different experiences 7 nights a week.

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